How Pinterest Shopping Is Breathing New Life Into E-Commerce

Pinterest’s Chief Revenue Officer, Bill Watkins, believes that online shopping is an inspirational, discovery-based experience critical to capture online. Many social media platforms find this challenging because of one-way communication. However, Pinterest is one of the most engaging platforms out there, and with its Idea Pins, its platform has become even more attractive to brands and creators alike. But now, Pinterest shopping is bringing new opportunities to e-commerce.

Pinterest has always been an inspired platform. Users have come to Pinterest for years to help with planning events, getting recipes, finding new ways to do things, and of course, finding new ideas. So it’s almost natural for Pinterest to create a personalized shopping experience on the platform.

“When a brand first works with creators, they’re seeing about a 30-35% increase in recall and awareness,” said Watkins. “But when leveraging our new tools, such as Idea ads, they’re seeing a 60% increase in recall and awareness.

Imagine what that means for creators who use and actively engage with Idea Pins. For creators who can leverage their ability to create Idea Pins and work with Brands, it will be a win-win now and in the future.

For example, now, with Pinterest Idea Pins, you can add a curated board as a sticker in your Idea Pins. So partnering with a brand on a custom curated Pinterest board that you can then turn around and promote through your Idea Pin will benefit you and the brand by growing your following and increasing brand awareness.

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