Meta’s in hot water for violating patient privacy

So this story is a little juicy. Two proposed class action lawsuits allege that Meta, the parent company of Facebook, and some major US hospitals have violated patient privacy and medical privacy laws with a tracking tool that sends health information to Facebook. Meta violating patient privacy is completely uncalled for.

It’s common practice for marketers to use the Meta pixel on their websites. However, at seven different Hospital’s the Meta pixel was installed on password-protected patient portals. This means that the tool could send information about patient health conditions, doctor appointments, and even medical allergies directly to Facebook.

In one of the lawsuits, a patient stated that because of this information leak, she was even served advertisements targeted for her heart and knee conditions. The other lawsuit alleges that at least 660 healthcare providers have sent medical data to Facebook through the Meta pixel.

While the Meta pixel can be great for marketers and allow them to Target an audience that has already engaged with their website and other online properties, it’s a terrifying thought that your health information could be sent directly to Facebook. We believe that Facebook and other social media platforms have zero business having that data type.

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