New Instagram Shopping Guide For Smart Merchants

There’s a new guide out from Meta to help you optimize your Instagram shop. The new Instagram shopping guide takes you through setting up your shop and using product tags effectively.

It details your product catalog and why it matters and goes deeper into product detail pages. Not only that, it goes step-by-step, showing you how to set up your Instagram shop the right way. That way, there’s no confusion and no question for merchants regarding the technical aspect of their Instagram shop.

The Instagram guide is going to help you with product discovery. You’ll get information on effectively using product tags to move people from your images or video to a transaction. You’ll dig into each format, including your Instagram feed, stories, reels, and even Instagram live. Now that live shopping is available, that will come in handy. Plus, they give some great tips for tagging and getting your products seen by more users.

Download the guide here.

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