Instagram Reel-Size Photos Are Coming To Appease Users

Instagram has announced that they will start testing a new format precisely because of photographers. Instagram will begin allowing users to Post 9:16 photos, or in other words, Instagram reel-size photos are finally here.

Instagram Adam Mosseri revealed that this feature would start testing in a week or two.

Instagram reels disappear from view unless they’re saved as a highlight on your main feed. Some creative photographers have complained that this feature is not available for photographs. Which is part of the reason why Instagram is implementing this test.

Previously, the Instagram app interface has changed to make it more photographer-friendly, even though the entire screen interface experience didn’t work out.

Could this be a way that Instagram is moving in a direction that is not a duplicate of TikTok? The company received criticism for the changes to make the platform more like its rival, TikTok. While they have since walked back the changers, Instagram needs to discover its own identity and set itself apart from the competition.

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