3 Fantastic Ways Instagram Is Changing It Up In 2023

In 2022 Instagram spent quite a year trying to figure out who it would be when it grew up. When Instagram first launched, it was about real pictures of people’s lives. Things they wanted to share with people they knew, and over the years, those pictures turned the video, and everything turned into something staged and fake. Here’s what we know about the Instagram changes in 2023.

Instagram saw competition from Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok. Which forced itself to question what it was doing, and instead of trying to be its unique self, it attempted to turn into everything else. I know that seems to be the way that Mark Zuckerberg likes to do things, stealing bits and pieces from other software to try and make things better because they already have the audience, but that doesn’t seem to be working in the long run.

This means coming into 2023, Instagram had to do a lot of soul-searching. And Instagram’s Chief, Adam Mosseri Sheridan video some of the things the platform will focus on this year.

First, they want to inspire people to be creative.

It is a fundamental aspect of Instagram that has existed since the beginning. So I hope they really take this aspect and run with it. The great thing about Instagram used to be that it had editing features that you could actually use, not to mention filters that, while we laugh at them now, we’re really ahead of their time in terms of what you could do online. So hopefully, we’ll see more editing features and possibly something new in filtering or other options for photos and videos. Anything at all to help creators create.

Second, they want to help people discover the things they love.

Which has been a fundamental aspect of Instagram since the beginning. While some people are taking this as a risk to the platform, in truth, we’re going to see a lot of people really love that. Where it’s not necessarily things that the platform thinks you might like, but because you’ve shown it, showing you something that you will enjoy. And hopefully this includes friends and followers that you already have. Deep down, everyone knows that Instagram is afraid of TikTok and the algorithm they’ve created to show relevant content. It works well, and everyone wants to emulate it, but Instagram needs its own thing, so how do they take that personalization aspect and improve it? That’s hopefully the question that Instagram can answer in 2023.

And finally, Instagram wants to spark connections between people.

Which is fantastic. With everything so cluttered and bogged down with ads and relevant content, hard to find people that you actually want to follow, so having those connections come through might be the game-changer that Instagram is looking for.

Overall, 2023 might be the year that takes Instagram soaring, or watch it crash and burn. Either way, we’re here for it.

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