Influencer Burnout Is Real

Recently the New York Post interviewed 29-year-old Mackenzie Newcomb. A blogger and TikTok influencer with around 60k followers at the time of writing. She lives and works in Massachusetts and is completely and utterly burned out. She has everything that everyone who aspires to be an influencer has. A beautiful home, time to go to the beach, comped food, and free clothes. So how could it be so bad that it leads to burnout?

As an influencer, and a paid, legitimate influencer, the expectations are there, and they’re big. When brands are paying you, they expect results. It truly is a job. And even if you enjoy it at first, something happens once you’ve been at it for a while. Because it stops being something you love and turns into something you have to do.

When your income and livelihood depend on posting, there’s no room for a break, vacation, or any time away from feeding your social media platforms with new content. The constant need to grow followers and engagement is more than enough pressure. Add to that staying on top of trends, getting the right shots, and appeasing your customers (the brands you work with), and it can all seem pretty impossible to maintain.

Tips to avoid influencer burnout

Plan ahead whenever possible.

It takes time, but it’s worth it. It’s possible to plan your posts ahead so you can take some time off. Even if it’s just a day or maybe even a week. Get in a position where you can create one or two additional posts each day leading up to your break so that you can schedule them to go out when you’re relaxing.

Find balance in your routine

If you’re comfortable in the content creation you do, find ways to make it easier. Plan your day so that there are natural opportunities to create content. If you’re feeling like you’re posting too much, figure out ways you can do more with less. And if you’re looking to post more than you do, take a good hard look, make sure you can fit it into your current routine, and consider if it’s actually worth it.

Repurpose your content.

Just because you’ve created one piece of content and posted it online doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. Use your content in different ways. Not only will it be less work for you, but you’ll be able to free up your time to be more creative or take that break. Remember that many of your posts will only be seen by a small percentage of your followers. So repurposing is ideal, but you might even be able to repost in the future when it makes sense.

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