Google Quoted Search Gets A User Friendly Upgrade

While there are always changes to Google search, this one is more exciting than most. Now, Google Quoted Search shows where a search term appears on the page and a small snippet below search results. Google has decided to go through with the snippet update despite some web pages making it difficult to implement.

“We’re making quoted searches better,” says Google Search software engineer Yonghao Jin in a blog post.

Google has admitted that the snippet changes are not perfect nor universal and that the full text may not appear in all search modes on mobile. But Google is listening to feedback from Searchers who would rather see where their quoted text appears. Essentially, they pushed through this update to make it easier for users to get the information they’re looking for.

A word of caution to site owners may impact the number of clicks your page receives from Google Search now. Because more users can get the information from within results, they may have fewer reasons to actually click through to your website. As a site owner, you should also remember that Google’s new Snippets for quoted searches may not appear when there are multiple quoted terms within the same query, and they may not work for local results.

Google Chrome mobile app is also getting an update, including the ability to highlight specific words or phrases to quickly search without having to exit the page. The tool has more granular control over how users interact with the feature, and you can include surrounding text in Google results.

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