Is This The Fall Of Facebook?

While it’s been public knowledge for a while now that there is a generational gap among different social media platforms, a new study from the Pew Research Center sheds new light on the topic. Of particular interest are the rise and solidification of TikTok and the fall of Facebook among U.S. teens.

Pew Research Center surveyed 1,316 U.S. teens to better understand their use of digital devices, social media, and other online platforms. The social media landscape has changed since 2014-15, with more teens using Instagram and Snapchat and fewer using Twitter and Tumblr. Two platforms that were tracked in the earlier survey no longer exist.

YouTube continues to lead the way among teen users, but TikTok has taken second place, and Facebook has seen a decline in popularity among younger audiences. We see more replication between social media platforms as video gains more attention and users’ attention spans dwindle. This is because the rapid-fire nature of media consumption in the TikTok app is rendering other, more traditional content formats obsolete in some respects.

Meta’s re-brand is about distancing Facebook from its VR tools. Still, younger users are turning away from Facebook significantly, and Meta needs to keep Facebook relevant to help usher in the next stage.

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