Facebook calls it quits – steps back from live shopping

Facebook has announced that they will be discontinuing their live shopping feature on October 1st. Facebook announced in a blog post that they’re shutting it down to focus on reels. The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise since Facebook’s parent company Meta is laser-focused on short-form video and live shopping tends to be longer video streams. Facebook live shopping wasn’t as successful as the company had hoped – so Facebook ending the live shopping functionality makes sense.

Does long-form, live shopping video have its place?

According to Forbes, live shopping is a 500 billion dollar market, so it seems odd that Meta would walk away from that revenue possibility. However, maybe this is a sign that, unlike the flop of the last changes, Instagram and Meta itself are taking into consideration their user base. And what they actually want instead of what Instagram and Meta think they want.

It’s also possible that Facebook will bring back live shopping in the future; maybe it’s just not their time.

If you currently use live shopping, you can still use the product until October 1st. You will still be able to use Facebook for Live Events, which isn’t going away. But you won’t be able to create product playlists or tag products in your Facebook live videos. Essentially, any of the added functionality for selling products will be removed from Facebook live.

This makes us wonder if changes are coming to Reals in the future. Could Meta take some of this functionality from live shopping and integrate it into the reels platform?

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